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Post  Butterfly-qc on Tue Dec 22, 2009 4:59 am

Hi, Good you wonderfully completed your 1st task!!

Apologies for not responding earlier.........

The butterflies look too good to be made by you.........who helped you out???

R u ready for your next task????????? u wont have to wait long!!!!!

Here is your second task --------

In a piece of paper fill out the following :

Name No. of teeth toothpaste used

1.Shwetha Deep
2.Praveen L
3.Mankiran Batra
4.Jaganya Irene
5.Hurvitha Haridas
6.Sivakumar Vk
7.Ganesh Surianarayanan
8.N Vinothkumar
9.Sourabh Chakraborty
10.Pradeep Cheedella

Kindly complete the task before 3.00 p.m tommorow and paste the same on the noticeboard (beside the butterflies).

After 3.30 p.m, the above people can quiz you on your findings about number of teeth and toothpastes!

Thus, please take some pain to remember those data......



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