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To Mohanrao Empty Dear mom

Post  nature on Wed Dec 23, 2009 3:46 am

I have written everything on the paper and i tagged at my desk.

Please observe it ....

Thank you

Your's Lovingly
Your Child


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To Mohanrao Empty To Mohanrao

Post  Butterfly-qc on Tue Dec 22, 2009 5:02 am

Hi Mohan for your better understanding -

Name ------------------------ No. of teeth ----- toothpaste used ---------

1.Shwetha Deep
2.Praveen L
3.Mankiran Batra
4.Jaganya Irene
5.Hurvitha Haridas
6.Sivakumar Vk
7.Ganesh Surianarayanan
8.N Vinothkumar
9.Sourabh Chakraborty
10.Pradeep Cheedella

Basically the task is to - Ask the above people how many teeth they have and which toothpaste they use - and fill the same against the corresponding name.


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