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Post  nature on Wed Dec 23, 2009 2:57 am

Hi Mom,

Requested details are listed below...

1.Mohan rao-Droid-Chennai-N/A
2.Shwetha Deep-Aqire-chennai-N/A
3.Jaganya-Chennai-Config Management-N/A
4.Sajeer-Flight Ops-Chennai-N/A
6.Pavan-Flight Ops-Blr-train

Hope you are happy mom... Very Happy



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To Veena P Empty To Veena P

Post  panther-qc on Tue Dec 22, 2009 11:05 pm

My dear child...

I saw you wearing big bindi on your head..but, why are you doing it in a hurry and why do you want to hide it..I want everyone to know that u are performing the tasks..

your next task..

Today, collect the following info from the below mentioned people.
a) Name 2) Poject 3) Where are they celebrating this christmas ( city/town) 4) If which means
eg: Veena P AQIRE Hyderabad Flight

1. Mohan Rao Y
2. Shwetha Deep
3. Jaganya
4. Sajeer
5. Prasad
6. paven
7. Kiruthika G
8. AmalaGeetha
9. Saikishore

I am giving this task so that atleast these 10people will notice you.

Mom will be watching you....Take care



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