To My Child Priya

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To My Child Priya Empty Hi Fraud Mummmmyyyyyyyyy.....

Post  nature on Wed Dec 23, 2009 4:15 am

Heh Fraud Mummmmmmmmmmmmmy ,

Hope u were also watching from amidst the overwhelmed crowd.. Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes

enna oru villathanam...... Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad i'l catch u tmrwwww..... geek afro

Most innocent child,
Priyadarshini flower


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To My Child Priya Empty To My Child Priya

Post  Gladiator on Wed Dec 23, 2009 2:38 am

Hi Child,

Saw this post to Raghu.

So pity on him. How can he alone move the pillar.

So bein a child of a helping mom, I now give this ask of helpiing him in the same task from 3 15 to 3 30 ok.

Do it dear, Such a pity on him.

Do it . Then expext a grt gift from mom.

Heh Raghu.. here goes the task for the day...... U proved ur patriotism.. Great....

Now it s time for u to show hw concerned u r abt ur frenz here in QANTAS..

Quite a lot of them feel that the pillar near the printer is a great disturbance to them...

Y dont u try moving the pillar away from the printer?!!?!?!? I know u will do it!!!

Jus give it a try @ 3PM.. if it refuses to move even aftr 3:15 , u can cum back....

P.S : Am watching u from somewher....


MoM (Piscean)


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