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Post  Fahrenheit-QC on Fri Dec 18, 2009 2:43 am

Hello my child, How are you feeling now. Got to know that you were not feeling well yesterday & left early.

As for the tasks you have a pending one from yesterday & i want you to do it today at exactly 4.00 pm.
( The task was go to Qantas module entrance 1 near lobby walk in & out for 2 times lol! AND after that walk in & out for 3 times at Qantas module entrance 2 near conference room).

And as for the task for today Idea Idea , collect all the uncollected & unused waste papers at the printer and make decorative items flower flower clown Arrow to decorate your desk by monday.

You can make any crafts that you know cheers cheers rendeer the better the craft you make the better the gift will be santa santa

Your Chris mOm


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